The Ultimate Guide to choosing durable, high-quality stickers

The Ultimate Guide to choosing durable, high-quality stickers

In the world of custom printing, stickers stand out for their versatility and their ability to convey a message in a creative and lasting manner. Whether for promotional, decorative, or even informative purposes, custom stickers have become an essential tool.

In this article, Stickeryeti reviews the various aspects that come into play when choosing durable, high-quality stickers for customization, focusing on the materials used, the quality of the sticker, and the criteria for a wise choice.



Understanding sticker materials

Choosing the right material is crucial when it comes to printing durable and high-quality stickers. The most common materials include vinyl, paper, and biological materials. Vinyl is renowned for its resistance and durability, making it an excellent choice for outdoor stickers but also for multi-use stickers .

Paper stickers, on the other hand, offer a more traditional aesthetic and are often used for indoor applications. Finally, biological materials, such as recycled paper or water-based inks, are increasingly valued for their reduced environmental impact.

The finishing options (matte lamination, no lamination, or satin varnish) provide a particular style, a unique finishing touch but most importantly, resistance to a custom sticker.

It is also possible to have a white design or a colour design on a transparent background printed for an original look. For an even more WOW effect, the holographic material adds a magnificent rainbow and metallic shine to your sticker, which is sure to stand out!


The importance of sticker durability

Durability is a key criterion in choosing your quality custom stickers. A durable sticker withstands external elements such as water, sun, or temperature fluctuations better. Long-lasting stickers are particularly sought after in contexts where longevity is crucial, such as for signage or outdoor decor.

The resistance of materials and the inks used in the manufacturing of custom stickers are therefore criteria to consider in the creation of stickers. Most stickers from Stickeryeti are printed on premium laminated vinyl that resists water, scratches, or even UV rays.

For all professional needs, we make it a point of honour to create durable and high-quality stickers, ready to face all the challenges of daily life and weather elements. At Stickeryeti, we print your custom stickers on top-quality vinyl with super-resistant adhesive to withstand all the vicissitudes of daily life.


Quality of custom stickers: what you need to know

The quality of a sticker is not limited to its durability. It also encompasses the sharpness of the print, the accuracy of colours, and the ease of application. A high-quality sticker does not leave adhesive residue and maintains its brilliance and colour over time.

To guarantee this quality, it is necessary to use advanced printing technologies as well as high-quality materials.



The 100% local production cycle of Stickeryeti

Located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Stickeryeti's production cycle is 100% local: from processing your order by a team of graphic designers to sending your stickers, it encompasses all the steps that precede and follow the pure printing processes. The Yeti holds the secrets of manufacturing for long-lasting and high-quality stickers!


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A 100% Swiss Made production cycle also means high-quality printing processes, sharp and accurate, for a premium final product that meets the desires and needs of every professional client. The different types, cuts, and coatings of stickers form a true quality sticker offering suitable for any business, association, or public and private establishment.



Stickeryeti's entire production cycle begins with the exclusive processing of the order by a team of designers who guarantee the technical control of the customer's file and draw up the cutting line of the sticker.

Once the proof has been approved, the personalised stickers are printed and then go through the lamination stage, where a thin protective layer is applied so that the sticker can withstand water, UV rays and rubbing, and retain its vibrant colours over time. After cutting, the individual personalised stickers are packaged and shipped to the customer.


How to choose the best quality durable stickers for your needs?

Choosing durable, high-quality stickers involves considering several factors. First of all, the nature of the application: a sticker intended for outdoor use must have different characteristics from one designed for indoor use.

It is also important to consider the adhesive used. Some adhesive materials are designed for long-term adhesion, while others are intended for temporary applications. Here's how to choose durable and high-quality stickers according to your needs and uses.



Multi-use stickers: the best sellers!

Suitable for all types of surfaces, multi-use stickers are available on opaque white or transparent vinyl adhesive. These quality stickers are durable and resist water and UV thanks to matte lamination finish. And if you want your sticker to attract customers' interest, prospects, or the general public, opt for the holographic adhesive film!

Wall stickers: revolutionary and repositionable

Perfect for guiding, signalling, or decorating, wall stickers are made from a revolutionary repositionable material that leaves no trace once the sticker is removed. The large-format wall sticker is also suitable for doors. Free from PVC, these repositionable stickers are thus more durable environmentally.

Stickers for textiles: durable and easy to stick

Thermo adhesive stickers can be applied in 20 seconds to clothing using a hot iron heated to 160 degrees. Of excellent quality with precise cutting and sharp colours, these heat-resistant stickers withstand heat and multiple machine washes up to 60 degrees as well as the tumble dryer.

Label rolls stickers: the most economical for mass labelling

Available on thin opaque white or transparent vinyl, custom stickers on rolls are perfect for large-scale labelling and for single use. Their satin varnish finish resists splashes and is particularly well-suited to packaging, wrappings, and containers. More economical than multi-use stickers, these printed labels on adhesive roll are however less resistant.


Custom eco-friendly stickers: how to make the right choice?

The market for custom stickers is constantly evolving, with innovations in both materials and printing techniques. Current trends are leaning towards more ecological solutions and custom designs (logos, messages, illustrations) thanks to advanced digital printing technologies.

Online customization and augmented reality are also booming tools, offering users a more immersive and interactive experience when creating their stickers.



The trend towards eco-friendly stickers, durable stickers, and the environmental responsibility of printing companies is increasingly present in discussions. Users are looking for more planet-friendly products and opting for eco-responsible choices.

At Stickeryeti, our stickers are printed with Greenguard Gold certified eco-solvent inks in a 100% local production cycle that includes all the steps before and after printing custom stickers and labels. Wall stickers are designed in an innovative, repositionable, and PVC-free material that leaves no trace once the stickers are removed.


Stickeryeti: the expert in printing durable and high-quality stickers

In summary, choosing custom durable and high-quality stickers requires a deep understanding of materials, print quality, and the intended application or use.

By favouring durable materials and paying attention to the quality of the sticker, you can ensure that your customizable stickers will not only meet your current needs but also those of the future. With the right information and a judicious choice, your stickers will be not only aesthetic and functional but also environmentally friendly.


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Stickeryeti offers all professionals, restaurateurs, creative agencies, or sports clubs, a range of quality, ultra-resistant and durable stickers suitable for all needs. Multi-use, wall, or thermal adhesive for textiles, small SMEs as well as large companies will find the ideal communication support for easy application to mark, signal, or simply decorate premises. Let's get started!