2024 Sticker Design Trends

2024 Sticker Design Trends

Stickers remain popular even in 2024. As a communication tool, visibility instrument, or simple decoration, custom stickers are found everywhere. As an expert in the creation of fully customizable stickers, Stickeryeti reveals this year's trends that adapt to the needs of all types of professionals!

The Custom Round Sticker: Timelessly Modern

Neutral and modern at the same time, the round sticker gives volume and depth to your sticker. The custom round sticker is one of our bestsellers and is a favorite cut among customers. These round stickers are perfect for printing a logo, a message to communicate, or creating a personalized label for your products. They stick to all flat surfaces: laptops, helmets, or even suitcases. An essential design!



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The Dazzling Effect of Holographic Stickers

Another design trend for sticker creation in 2024 is the holographic effect. The stunning rainbow reflection of this sticker is sure to catch the eye of clients, prospects, and the general public! Holographic stickers are popular at Yeti and bring a real aesthetic and noticeable plus to your creations. A guaranteed WOW effect!



Discover Holographic stickers


For decorating objects, packaging, conveying an important message, or simply to enhance your brand or business, custom holographic stickers are also perfect for professionals. Choose a cut, upload your design, and Yeti takes care of creating your stickers!


Custom Cut for 100% Personalized Stickers

The fully custom cut  is the third 2024 trend in sticker creation. Unlike kiss cut, which cuts the adhesive/vinyl part, full cut (die-cut) involves cutting both the vinyl and the backing, allowing for the creation of 100% custom-shaped stickers. Although they are less easy to peel, they offer a unique and more aesthetic finish.



Opt for Custom Cut


Want to break the mold and print a unique sticker in a shape other than round, square, or rectangular? Custom cut stickers are the perfect solution for you. They allow you to unleash your creativity and create 100% personalized stickers for a unique touch that will set you apart from the competition. These stickers are especially popular with artists, designers, or tattoo artists.

Whether you want to feature your brand logo, a slogan, or simply a drawing or illustration, custom cut stickers are ultra-durable and stick to all smooth surfaces: laptops, desks, or even on a bicycle. A unique sticker creation that is sure to please!


Go Bigger with Wall Stickers

Made from a revolutionary material that allows you to reposition them, wall stickers leave no trace once removed. They are perfect for various uses such as promoting, communicating, signaling, or simply decorating. Also suitable for doors, wall stickers represent another 2024 trend in sticker creation.



Create Wall Stickers


Print a slogan, logo, or signage on large wall stickers specially designed to adhere to this surface. In addition to dressing the walls of your premises, store, offices, or hotel reception, they help to make your brand visible or communicate important information.


Other Sticker Creation Trends

QR Codes

Why not print a QR code directly on your stickers? Do as many associations, restaurants, or companies do and opt for this engaging technique with clients or prospects. Printing a QR code directly on stickers piques curiosity and also motivates your target to take action, all thanks to a sticker!

Restaurants increasingly opt for printing QR codes in the form of stickers. Scannable with a smartphone, QR codes give customers direct access to menus from their phone. An innovative and practical way to consult restaurant menus!


Stickers Bringing Artists' Creations to Life

Tattoo artists, illustrators, or designers: professionals in artistic fields love custom stickers. Stickers allow them to print their creations on durable and high-quality material for any use they desire.

Particularly fond of pre-cut sticker sheets , artists bring their tattoos, drawings, and other illustrations to life. Creating ultra-personalized and unique stickers, precisely cut to the shape of their drawings and illustrations, is an option that appeals to artists.


Varying Types of Stickers

Indecisive or want to test various formats of custom stickers? Opt for a mixed order of stickers: the same design (a logo, message/slogan, or illustration) can be reproduced on a white vinyl background, on a transparent background , or with a magnificent holographic effect. Vary your creations for a multitude of finishes adapted to each of your needs!


The Best in Custom Sticker Creation with Yeti

Stickeryeti offers all professionals, from small independents to large companies, a service for creating custom stickers where they can choose the shape, size, material, finish, and quantity of their stickers. Once you've made your choice based on your company's or activity's needs, simply upload the design you want on your stickers. No design at hand? You can create your own illustration on our online designer!


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Create stickers according to your desires and needs with Yeti and discover the reach and impact that each type of 100% personalized adhesive label can have. Guaranteed success for your organization, brand, or company!