Signposting, branding and decoration: use personalised wall stickers!

Signposting, branding and decoration: use personalised wall stickers!

In the dynamic and creative world of personalised printing, wall stickers really come into their own! Whether you're using them to identify workspaces, enhance the visibility and branding of a company's premises, or simply decorate a restaurant or hotel lobby, personalised wall stickers are super-practical decals.

In this blog article, Yeti puts custom wall stickers in the spotlight: What are their characteristics? How should they be applied? And most importantly, why choose them? You'll see how personalised wall stickers can revolutionise your professional spaces, giving them a unique, creative and well-designed touch!


What is a wall sticker?

A wall sticker is more than just a sticker. It's a piece of adhesive specially designed for signposting, communicating or decorating workspaces. Custom printed in an infinite variety of shapes, sizes and designs, Stickeryeti's personalised wall stickers are made from high quality materials that guarantee durability and ease of application and removal. 



Also suitable for doors, the wall stickers are made from a revolutionary repositionable material that leaves no trace on the surface once the sticker has been removed. Whether you're looking to signpost your premises, increase brand visibility or simply decorate your space, Yeti has some tips and ideas on how to create and use your personalised wall stickers to best effect!


Why choose personalised wall stickers?

You've probably already created multipurpose stickers , iron-on stickers for textiles or stickers on rolls ? Wall Stickers are just as convenient and offer a host of benefits.

Endless customisation possibilities

With custom wall stickers, the possibilities for personalisation are endless. Whether you want to print a company logo, signage instructions or restaurant or bar menus, wall and door stickers can be printed in a variety of sizes, formats and designs. Create personalised wall stickers that perfectly reflect your company, association or business and meet your needs.

Quick and easy to apply

No need for nails or paint. Wall stickers are easy to apply and can be moved or removed without damaging your walls or surfaces. Wood, glass, walls or any other smooth, flat interior surface - applying a personalised wall sticker is super easy!


Create your own wall stickers


Significant cost effectiveness

Decorating, embellishing or signposting a professional space with wall stickers is a cost effective alternative to paint or wallpaper. This type of decal offers a quick and affordable way to meet your business or organisation's needs. 

Premium quality

Stickeryeti's printed wall stickers are of the highest quality. Made from a revolutionary material that is repositionable and PVC free, they leave no trace once removed. The personalised wall stickers are printed on a special non-laminated vinyl for indoor use only and have a semi-permanent adhesive. They are waterproof and scratch resistant.

Environmentally friendly

Our personalised wall stickers are made without PVC, so they're better for the planet. What's more, the inks used to print our wall stickers are 'eco-solvent' and Greenguard Gold certified. This environmental aspect is important because it ensures that the products emit very low levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), making the stickers safe to use indoors and in sensitive environments such as schools and health and care facilities.


How do you apply personalised wall stickers?

It couldn't be easier! Place your wall stickers on a variety of smooth, flat surfaces indoors, such as walls, doors, windows, smooth wood panels and so on. Make sure the surface is not raised, clean and dry. Make sure you don't leave any air bubbles when you apply the sticker. If you make a mistake, you can easily remove it and reposition it as required.

Whether for decoration, signage, communication, promotion or logo enhancement, your custom wall sticker is ready to make an impact!


Inspiring ideas for using personalised wall stickers

Signage for your premises

Whether you're a sports club, manufacturing plant or museum, you can guide your staff, customers or visitors with fully personalised wall stickers. They can be used to effectively communicate a message or information such as a welcome message, opening hours or other directions (toilets, changing rooms, emergency exits, private areas, meeting rooms, etc.). 

Brand communication

Wall stickers are also an excellent branding tool. In terms of communication, they can be used to promote your brand or company and give it visibility through a logo or slogan. In your offices or other professional spaces, placing personalised wall stickers with your logo on them will reinforce your brand image and help customers, prospects or visitors to identify your company.



Interior Decoration

Wall stickers can also be used for interior decoration. As a professional, you can also create decorative stickers for your interior design to decorate and embellish any room in your office or premises. A creative, unique and easy solution to personalise your workspace! As well as being an original and long-lasting way to decorate, personalised wall stickers also help to promote and raise the profile of your brand. 

Wall stickers for interior decoration bring an artistic touch to any professional space, making the working environment more pleasant and productive through immersion. Communication agencies in particular can create their own wall stickers to both decorate their premises and reinforce their brand identity.


How to choose the right custom wall sticker?

Have you decided on the right use for your wall stickers? Before printing your own creation, there are a few things you need to consider to create the perfect personalised wall sticker for your business needs.

Consider the space available

The size and shape of your premises, offices or facilities will influence the choice and design of wall decals. Large format stickers can easily be placed in central areas, while smaller stickers can be placed on smaller surfaces or doors. 

Keep it consistent

Ideally, your personalised wall stickers should complement the visual aspect, theme and existing decor of your room. Abstract or geometric wall decals can work well with modern, designer interiors, while neutral, plain and natural shapes work better with traditional interiors.

It's also important that your personalised, bespoke wall decals match the graphics and decorative elements already in place, as well as the general layout of the room. As well as signposting or communicating, the sticker will add a unique and original touch to your workspace!

Choose quality and durability

At Stickeryeti, our special wall stickers are designed to last, with durable materials that resist water, scratches and wear. The quality of the vinyl and adhesive also ensures that the wall stickers stay in place without damaging your walls, windows or doors.


Guide your staff, attract customers and beautify your premises with personalised wall stickers

Wall stickers offer a unique and original way to personalise and decorate your professional spaces, but also to communicate and make a brand visible in a given location. Put your trust in Yeti and create your own 100% personalised, tailor-made wall stickers to meet all your needs. We design quality products to add a personal touch to each of your workspaces.


Give your premises a unique style


Creating your own personalised wall stickers couldn't be easier! All you have to do is upload your design before it passes into the magical hands of our design team who will create the cutting line and send you a proof. Once approved, your stickers go to print in our production facility in the heart of the Swiss Alps!