Events, trade fairs and exhibitions: the impact of personalised stickers

Events, trade fairs and exhibitions: the impact of personalised stickers

In today's competitive world, standing out at events, trade shows and exhibitions is crucial for any company looking to raise its profile and strengthen its brand image. An often underestimated but highly effective strategy for achieving this is the use of personalised stickers.

These small but powerful marketing tools and communication aids can play a significant role in optimising your presence at events, offering a multitude of benefits ranging from improved brand recognition to direct interaction with the public

In this article, Yeti gives you tips on how to maximise the impact of your personalised brand stickers and how they can transform your event marketing strategy.


Events, trade fairs and exhibitions: the importance of personalised stickers in event marketing and communication


Brand reinforcement and visibility

In the event marketing arsenal, personalised branded stickers are powerful vectors of brand identity and branding. They ensure that your logo, slogan or specific message is always visible at a public event, helping visitors, other participants and organisers alike to remember your brand and company.


Increase public interaction

Custom stickers for events encourage direct interaction. Distributed as gifts or placed on your stand, they encourage engagement and conversation, creating an interactive experience between the company and the public. Personalised stickers are a great way to increase brand interaction with the public! Go for an original, eye-catching design for a wow effect that will have a greater impact on your target audience.


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Flexibility and versatility

Suitable for all types of events, from trade shows to conferences to product launches, personalised stickers can be created to reflect the theme, world or circumstances of the event, increasing its impact. Blending your brand identity with that of the event you're attending can be a winning formula.


Benefits of using personalised stickers for events, trade shows and exhibitions


Unbeatable cost effectiveness

One of the greatest benefits of custom event stickers is their cost effectiveness. Compared to other forms of promotional material, they offer an excellent return on investment as they are both economical to produce and effective in terms of brand visibility. A must-have for professionals looking to use personalised events stickers for branding, brand communication and event marketing.


Durability and reach

High quality, weather resistant and durable self-adhesive stickers continue to promote your brand long after the event, trade show or celebration is over. Made with self-adhesive vinyl and super-strong, long-lasting glue. What else, self-adhesive brand labels tend to be kept and used in a variety of contexts, extending their reach.


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100% customisation

The ability to fully customise your stickers ensures complete consistency with your corporate image and event message. This includes a choice of colours, shapes and sizes, as well as the addition of QR codes to add a digital dimension to your marketing and communications strategy. Think about the most effective and relevant way to create and personalise stickers to meet your branding and promotional needs.



How can personalised brand stickers be used effectively at events?


Targeted distribution strategy

The key to using personalised stickers effectively as an event marketing tool is a well thought out distribution strategy. You can hand them out at the entrance, include them in welcome packs or offer them during specific interactions with the public. Your personalised brand stickers for events can also be made available on your stand at an event or exhibition. This way, visitors and the general public can take them away as they please.


Integration into stand and event design

Stickers can also be used to decorate your stand and remain visible throughout the event. Consider creative uses such as floor stickers for marking and signage to guide visitors to your stand. Or wall stickers to highlight specific products and services, or simply a giant sticker of your company or brand on tarpaulins. As well as directing visitors or communicating important information, these large, 100% custom stickers can also help raise your brand's profile.


Social media engagement

Encourage the use of stickers as a means of social media engagement. For example, offer an incentive to those who share a photo of their personalised sticker with their social networks, increasing your brand's online visibility. You can also create stickers that encourage people to share content on social media by mentioning or tagging your brand.

Whether it's a catchy hashtag, an eye-catching message or an attractive logo, find the best way to get your personalised event stickers noticed by passers-by!


Smart choice of format, design and visuals

Before you print your personalised stickers for your event, trade show or exhibition, think about the different formats and ideal content for your stickers. It could be a QR code, a simple hashtag, a website, a social media account, an engaging message, a provocative question or debate, or even eye-catching images or super-designed logos.

The format can be a classic round sticker or rectangular one , but you can also opt for a cut-out, a fully customised shape or a stunning holographic effect. Looking for unique ideas for personalised stickers for your events? Consider a self-adhesive business card - it's original and super convenient!


How do you create effective personalised stickers for branding and event marketing?

The use of custom labels and stickers at events, trade shows and exhibitions offers a unique opportunity to reinforce your brand identity, engage with your audience and extend your reach in a creative and cost-effective way. By smartly integrating 100% customised stickers into your event marketing and communications strategy, you can maximise the impact of your presence at every event you attend.

Stickeryeti has positioned itself as your ideal partner for creating personalised stickers that capture the essence of your brand and contribute to the success of your events, exhibitions and other trade shows. With a focus on quality, customisation and cost effectiveness, we ensure that your stickers are not just promotional items, but powerful and lasting ambassadors for your brand.

To create your own personalised stickers for events, simply choose the type of sticker you need from our wide range:

  • Multipurpose :the all-rounder of vinyl stickers!

  • Wall Stickers :perfect for any smooth, flat interior surface (glass, wood, concrete, doors or windows) for signage, communication or as a decorative tool for professional spaces. Easy to apply and made from an innovative, repositionable material.

  • On rolls : the perfect solution for large area labelling of products or packaging.

  • iron-on transfer : stickers that can be ironed onto clothing.

  • Holographic : to give your stickers a great shiny metallic effect. You can be sure they won't go unnoticed!


Once you've chosen the type of stickers you want, you can upload the design you want to appear on your 100% bespoke creations (logo, slogan, image, message, etc.). Our team of graphic artists and designers will then add the cutting line and send you the proof for approval.

Once everything is approved, we'll print and ship your order from our 100% local, certified Swiss Made production facility in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Yéti looks forward to printing your great stickers!