Custom stickers: the tailor-made solution for breweries

Custom stickers: the tailor-made solution for breweries

Stickeryeti's 100% custom printed stickers are perfect for craft breweries; they’re resilient and available in all types and shapes. These custom brewery stickers will not only increase the visibility of your brand, but they’re also widely used to label barrels and bottles.



Increase the visibility of your brewery with 100% custom beer stickers

Your customers already love them! Customised brewery labels are not only used to be stuck on beer kegs and bottles. They can also be used to increase visibility for business and strenghten the image of your brand or brewery.



Custom brewery stickers will definitely give your marketing and your brand image a boost. If you have a bar area, you can leave them on the counter or on the tables for customers to see, or simply hand them out to people when they’re ordering, for example in beer boxes or at events such as trade fairs and exhibitions.



Discover our brewery labels


Resilient and 100% customisable with different types of cut-outs, brewery stickers are a perfect addition to your existing marketing communications - and one that people won’t easily forget. Stick them everywhere to keep your craft beer brand in the front of everyone's mind!


Stick your brewery stickers everywhere!

Based in Interlaken, the Haarige Kuh Brauerei brewery have their own customised labels for breweries printed and delivered by Stickeryeti. These custom stickers with logos can be stuck everywhere: on lunch boxes, flasks, bicycles, skis, phone covers and even on any free space in your bathrooms! You can be sure that your brewery or craft beer brand logo will gain exposure and that beer lovers will know exactly which beverage to choose when they’re thirsty!



"We can only recommend Stickeryeti for creating custom stickers! We’re very happy with the quality of the printing and the durability of the stickers." Andy & Glynn, Haarige Kuh Brauerei


Decorate your beer kegs and bottles with custom brewery stickers

You can also use brewery stickers to label beer kegs and bottles. Decorate your craft beer containers and make your delicious beverages even more attractive with 100% customised stickers. Specially designed for small craft breweries, these beer stickers are made of durable vinyl and have a layer of lamination to protect them from rain, sun and wear. Designed to be quickly and easily stuck to each keg or bottle of beer, these personalised stickers are tailor made for small quantity labelling.


Create beer stickers


Logo, beer name, colours, patterns, designs, slogan... add the visual design and text you want to display on your custom stickers! Easily placed on beer barrels but also on bottles, these stickers for breweries are resilient and allow you to convey the identity of your brewery or your business in an original and eye-catching way.


Recommended min. sizeMin. size Minimum quantityMin. Qty PricePrice Unit price  
5x5 50 € 66.39 € 1.33
Custom shape
5x5 50 € 61.00 € 1.23
Roll of self-adhesive labels on transparent vinyl
5x5 50 € 47.50 € 0.96


Do you own or work for a craft brewery and would like to label your bottles in larger quantities? You can also opt for sticker rolls . These stickers, which are suitable for one-time use and less resilient than multi-purpose stickers, are ideal for labelling a large number of containers, such as bottles and cans. The best ally for all small breweries who want to save time when labelling their beer bottles!


Craft beer stickers for Brasserie du Jorat’s kegs

Customised brewery stickers are not only suitable for bottles, they can also be stuck on beer kegs. The Brasserie du Jorat uses them for just that purpose.



"The personalised stickers with our logo are put on the returnable craft beer kegs. These kegs are regularly washed outside and then filled and stored between 4 and 6 degrees. So the stickers have to withstand high pressure washing but also temperature changes." Henri, director of the Brasserie du Jorat. 


How can you create your own custom stickers for beer and breweries?

Nothing could be easier! First, choose the type of sticker that best suits the needs of your brewery:

Then proceed to the customisation phase by uploading your design directly from our website. No visual design ready for your stickers? No problem! You can use our online design tool to create a design that can be printed on your custom brewery stickers.

Once this is done, our design team will check your file, add a final cut line and send you the print proof for confirmation. Your order will then be shipped as soon as possible!