Technical recommendations for the optimization of your print files recommends its customers to follow the technical specifications described below before submitting the files.

These specifications allow you to adapt your data to the printing standards and thus guarantee a first step of quality before the final control and insertion of the cutting line by our specialists.

1. Accepted file formats*

Image files
PNG and BMP formats are also accepted
Vector files
Vector files (Illustrator)
in AI or EPS
Any other file format
will not be supported
* For white print on transparent sticker, only vector files (AI, EPS) are supported

2. Image treatment

Images should preferably be in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black), grayscale or bitmap

Your color images : the correct color mode for professional printing is CMYK !

RGB images : If you send us images in RGB color mode (on-screen color display system), they need to be converted by us into CMYK composition in order to adapt them to printing systems. This process can potentially affect the final colors compared to the original display on the screen. We therefore recommend that you convert them beforehand with the correct ICC profile in order to anticipate the print rendering.

Color and grayscale images should be at a minimum resolution of 200 dpi, but optimal at 300 dpi (value for a 1/1 size of the image imported in your design)

Bitmap images must be at a minimum resolution of 800 dpi, but ideal at 1200 dpi (value for a 1/1 size of the image imported in your design)

Color management

Use the ICC profile “ISOcoated_v2_300_eci” for your CMYK images

The ICC profile can be downloaded from the website of the ECI (European Color Initiative) via the following link

Practical advice for the composition of texts !

Beware, the composition of text directly in Photoshop can lead to a phenomenon of pixelation that will alter its readability. It is therefore preferable to compose the text in Illustrator in vector form, whenever possible.

3. Vector illustrations or complete design of your sticker in Illustrator

  • Save the file only in AI or EPS format
  • Deliver your sticker in finished format (scale 1/1)
  • Don’t use pantone colors or special colors but only CMYK
  • If necessary, allow for a 3mm overflow (also called bleed) → appendix
  • The thickness of the fillets must not be less than 0.25pt
  • The Fonts must be vectorized (converted to curves)
  • All images imported into your design must also be provided
  • Make sure the imported images are of good resolution → point number 2

Appendix: 3mm bleed

When you want a sticker with a colored background or an “edge to edge” image, it is necessary to add material (the overflow or bleed) to avoid a white line on the edge when cutting. Please leave a 3mm bleed in your files.

Examples :

Version of April 12, 2022