Private customers and individuals

Almost half of our customers are private individuals - just like you and us - who want to print a drawing, a photo, a logo or a message on a set of stickers for themselves and their friends and families. Whether it’s for a bachelor party, a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary or a christening, personalised stickers are always a great idea! They’re fun and once they’ve been applied, they’ll make you relive your favorite memories for a long time to come.


High print quality and vibrant colours

Get ready to leave a lasting impression. Everything is made in Switzerland, where we use only the best materials to create stickers with a perfect finish and vibrant colours. They feel nice to touch, won't get scratched, and will stay in place for a long time, even when exposed to adverse weather conditions.


Print-ready design or not, Yeti has a solution for you

You can choose to upload your design directly when you’re personalising your stickers, or create your sticker design from scratch in just a few clicks using our online builder. Do none of these options fit your criteria? Then contact us and we’ll find a personalised solution for you.


The advantages of 100% personalised stickers

Can't find the stickers you want in our store? Create them yourself! Whether you want to organise your home and label all your items, create promotional stickers that will make your competitors jealous, plan a personalised surprise for a loved one or create signs and instructions for your visitors, we can help with anything you can imagine. Our multipurpose stickers , wall and floor stickers and iron-on labels will be the perfect addition to your home, your everyday life and your private events and parties.


You’re the boss

It's up to you. The type of sticker, the cut, the design, the message, the quantity, the format: you decide everything and Yeti will make all your wishes come true. Can't find what you need on our website? Contact us for a free quote. We’ll answer you within 24 hours.

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