Exclusive collaboration: personalise your reusable notebook with unique stickers!

Exclusive collaboration: personalise your reusable notebook with unique stickers!

In order to celebrate the exclusive partnership between Stickeryeti and WhyNote, Yeti offers you a WhyNote reusable notebook that you can personalise with unique limited edition stickers. All you need to do is to choose one of the 6 themes available and you can customise your super practical and eco-friendly notepad, so it looks just the way you like it.


Customisable notebooks with original stickers

With each purchase of a WhyNote reusable notebook on Stickeryeti’s website, you’ll be able to choose from 6 different sticker sheets that all have original, funky and colourful designs. The 6 themes are: Retro, Mystical, Boys, Girly, Mexico and Travel. In true "Do It Yourself" fashion, you’ll need to choose the sticker sheet you like and then customise the front and back cover of your reusable notebook - or you can even customise the pages inside the book.



Each sheet of stickers is printed in an exclusive design that allows you to personalise your practical, wipeable notepad to create a unique item that reflects your personality. You can choose between a Girly theme perfectly suited to lovers of colour and fun, original stickers inspired by a celebrated Mexican festival, or a Travel design for anyone who loves exploring the world. The WhyNote customisable notebook is available in A5 format and, in addition to the limited edition sticker sheet, it comes with a black dry-erase correction pen and a stick-on pen holder.


WhyNote's reusable and customisable notebook contains 40 lined or blank pages (20 sheets). The notepad also features Click Blind™ binding for quick and easy page removal. It’s entirely made in Switzerland with FSC-certified eco-friendly paper, features a Soft Touch cover ready to be personalised with our exclusive and original stickers.


I want to make my own unique notebook!


Personalising resilient & high-quality Swiss products

Through this exclusive partnership, Stickeryeti and WhyNote aim to highlight their shared values and vision: Swiss quality, local production and sustainability.

Practical and eco-friendly, WhyNote's reusable notebooks are locally produced and have been designed for and with respect for the environment. The Swiss company focuses on responsible manufacturing of quality products created locally with attention to detail.

Stickers from Stickeyeti are made with quality materials (including premium vinyl) and are eco-friendly, durable and made to last. Having recently obtained Swiss Label certification, Stickeryeti carries out its entire production cycle, from finalising the design alle the way to dispatching the printed stickers, within its own manufacturing site in Valais (Switzerland).

Committed to the environmental aspect, Stickeryeti and WhyNote attach great importance to local production using sustainable and eco-friendly materials that minimise the impact of both brands on the environment.


About Whynote’s reusable notebooks

As a Swiss stationery brand created in 2014, WhyNote produces notebooks that can be reused over and over again. High quality and versatile, their products are tailored to the preferences of a wide audience and they’re suitable for both personal and professional use. These innovative notepads come in a range of sizes so you can easily find the right notebook for you! The products are intuitive, bold and convey two key values of our time: sustainability and innovation.

A WhyNote reusable notebook is the perfect mix between a notebook and a whiteboard. Write, draw, take notes, erase and start over again. All you need is either a WhyNote pen eraser or a mini sponge and water. Reusable notepads represent approximately 800,000,000 pages of paper saved since their launch in 2014. No more unnecessary paper waste!


Practical, eco-friendly and high quality notebooks to customise

At WhyNote, attention to detail is crucial! In addition to being extremely practical, the reusable notebooks are also:

  • Eco-friendly: not only because of the way they’re used and the resulting savings on paper, but also because of the way they’re manufactured. 65% of the energy required to produce them comes from self-generated energy (solar power). The paper used is FSC-certified and comes from responsible forestry. The Swiss-based paper supplier is also committed to sustainability and its entire logistics chain, including transport, is climate neutral.
  • Sustainable: just like a whiteboard, you can use, erase and start again with your WhyNote notebook. As each page can be reused more than 300 times, a WhyNote notebook is equivalent to saving more than 6,000 sheets of paper. In addition, all the elements of these notebooks can be recycled and replaced individually.

  • Locally made: in order to use shorter supply chains, WhyNote promotes local production and selects partners according to geographical criteria. All the different manufacturing stages of these reusable notebooks are located within a 15 km radius of each other.

  • Social: WhyNote notebooks are assembled by people who are employed with a foundation that helps people with disabilities or in social difficulty gain meaningful employment. This is a way of working towards the professional and socio-professional integration of each individual. 

  • Sustainable: all the components of the notepads are recyclable and can be replaced individually.

  • Adaptive: the removable blinding on the reusable notebooks allow you to arrange, rearrange or add pages according to your needs. Super convenient!

  • Versatile: WhyNote notepads are available in many different formats to provide you with a practical and reusable medium for all your needs.

How do WhyNote’s reusable notepads work?

  1. Use them like a whiteboard: make notes, draw or write. They can be wiped clean with water -  but not with your hand!

  2. Scan your notes to your favourite applications (Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple Notes...) for optimal organisation and storage of your documents.

  3. Small mistakes? Erase them using the pen eraser, the cleaning kit (not included) or a damp cloth.

  4. Repeat as often as you like! Each page can be used at least 300 times, which means that each WhyNote notebook saves more than 6,000 sheets of paper.