Who’s the Yeti?

Stickeryeti.com is an online shop for printing personalised stickers. With just a few clicks, you can print your logo, a message, a design, a set of instructions, an illustration, a photo - in short, anything you can imagine. All sizes, all shapes are available. You can choose between transparent or white vinyl, on Stickeryeti.com you will find any kind of stickers you need. What sets us apart? The high quality of our products and our superior service.

Who are we?

Our production headquarters is located in Sion, in the canton of Valais, in the French-speaking part of Switzerland where we have been producing high-quality, personalised stickers since 2014. Our team of just under 10 people receives and processes orders for Switzerland, as well as the whole of Europe, via our website Stickeryeti.com. Personalisation is a value that drives us along the entire production chain: from your personalised order on the website, to the personalised answers we give for each customer question, to the human review of each design and each sticker produced.

Our mission statement

Stickeryeti's mission is to make the use of high quality self-adhesive communication materials accessible to any type of organisation. Our motto is "Imagine, Create, Print, Stick". It perfectly sums up our vision and core values.

Why Stickeryeti?

The Yeti has been our company mascot since Stickeryeti.com was founded in 2014. We first chose him because we come from Switzerland, the land of mountains and winter sports. The Yeti is a big, strong and resilient character, just like our stickers, which are extremely resistant to all weather conditions. But he can also be gentle and turn into a big bundle of hair. Sensitive and attentive, that's what we are when it comes to responding to our customers' wishes.

100% made in Switzerland

Our stickers are all produced in Switzerland and shipped from Switzerland. Our website is developed and hosted in Switzerland, ensuring optimal reliability and data security. Your designs will not get lost in the jungle of the internet and networks and will not be made accessible to everyone. You will be in good hands with StickerYeti!

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